Overview of ORR-ez


A new handicapping system for sailboat racing.

ORR-ez is a hybrid Velocity Prediction Program (VPP), with both scientific and observed factors used to create ratings.


ORR-ez Rulebook

We are in the process of updating the ORR-EZ application and database. The new application and database system will be available sometime in February. We appreciate your patience while we make the system better. Please follow us on Facebook as we’ll announce when application is ready.


• Custom course rating, distance rating, 50-50 windward leeward rating, optional wind speed ratings - one, two, or three wind speeds

• Fully customizable for the race course configuration and custom wind mixes

• One rating for point to point distance racing

• Capability for pursuit racing

• Observational performance factor

• 90% VPP predictions, 10% observational

• VPP provides baseline ratings – sister ship data

• Observational adjustments by national panel

• VPP handles deviations from standard configuration

• Options for non-spinnaker and Roller Furling assesment 

• Administered by ORA


Problems Solved

  • Rational/repeatable method for analysis
    • Handicaps based on an entirely objective foundation using actual measurement or sister-ship data that define performance.
    • Manages one off designs for which there is no performance or handicapping experience.
    • Deals with configuration changes in a scientifically defensible manner including white sails and roller furling
  • Subjective overlay, as needed, provided by national panel to ensure equitable ratings and handle rating appeals
  • Communications/management
    • On-line & email services for registration/certification/fees.
  • Appeals process independent of local authority


For questions about ORR-ez, please contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.