Overview of ORR-ez


A new handicapping system for sailboat racing.

ORR-ez is a hybrid Velocity Prediction Program (VPP), with both scientific and observed factors used to create ratings.


ORR-ez Rulebook

For an ORR-ez Rating Certificate Application, click here.

• Custom course rating, distance rating, 50-50 windward leeward rating, optional wind speed ratings - one, two, or three wind speeds

• Fully customizable for the race course configuration and custom wind mixes

• One rating for point to point distance racing

• Capability for pursuit racing

• Observational performance factor

• 90% VPP predictions, 10% observational

• VPP provides baseline ratings – sister ship data

• Observational adjustments by national panel

• VPP handles deviations from standard configuration

• Options for non-spinnaker and Roller Furling assesment 

• Administered by ORA


Problems Solved

  • Rational/repeatable method for analysis
    • Handicaps based on an entirely objective foundation using actual measurement or sister-ship data that define performance.
    • Manages one off designs for which there is no performance or handicapping experience.
    • Deals with configuration changes in a scientifically defensible manner including white sails and roller furling
  • Subjective overlay, as needed, provided by national panel to ensure equitable ratings and handle rating appeals
  • Communications/management
    • On-line & email services for registration/certification/fees.
  • Appeals process independent of local authority


For questions about ORR-ez, please contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.